Alien Overlord

Deep Blue wp

So… I decided to draw Deep Blue. And I think he may or may not be my favorite TMM character now. How did that happen? 0.o (Also what’s up with the background, I don’t even know)


Dancing Lorikeet

Dancing Lorikeet

Here’s a picture I made a while back but haven’t been able to post it until now. I made this for HikaYagami’s Tokyo Mew Mew fanart contest, which was on Friday. It didn’t win anything, but that’s okay! Both the livestream and the contest were really fun to take part in. Congratulations to everyone who actually did win!

By the way, the clouds and wings were made with brushes from here. ¬†They’re also the ones I used for that Alice picture a while back.

EDIT: Same thing that happened with the sketch dump happened here. Fixed now.