Here’s another one of my OCs. Her name’s Riyu (as you can tell from the title XD). She’s part of a magical girl story that I’ve been nursing in my head for a few years. Dunno if I’ll ever get around to releasing it, but it’s fun to work on nonetheless.




Another old picture. It was kind of meant to be a vent, except I was already feeling better before I drew it. So now there’s not much meaning to it. It was fun to work on, though.

Fighting for Justice


This is an older picture that I made. There’s not much to say about it, although I remember thinking that it’s pretty easy to draw backgrounds for Madoka artwork. No matter how it looks you can just say they’re in a witch labyrinth. For the record the background here is supposed to a bunch of stained glass windows. Yeah… didn’t really work out. Oh well, it doesn’t look awful, at least. And I always liked how Mami’s eyes came out.

Kokoro, the Expressive Poker Face


Well, this didn’t turn out anything like I imagined, haha. The colors look a lot better in real life, I swear. For some reason my scanner wouldn’t pick it up right. Anyway, here’s Kokoro from Touhou Project. I should probably mention that Touhou is my favorite video game series and work of fiction in general, so I wanted my first fanart picture to be of it. Kokoro is one my favorite characters as well (she’s so pretty!) Unfortunately, this picture didn’t come out very well 😦 It still captures the emotion (or lack thereof) that I wanted it to have though, so I guess that’s a plus.


Charlotte - Copy

This is a digital painting I did of one of my OCs. I think that out of all my digital works this one is my favorite. I was trying to experiment with adding different hues to the shading and I really like how it came out. I’m not to crazy about the background, though. But then again I’ve never been to happy with how my backgrounds turn out. The only other problem I have with this is that I ended up drawing way Charlotte way more moe than I meant her to be. I mean, I don’t really have a problem with moe, but… Well, I guess there are worse things that could happen.

Rain and Rose

Rain and Rose

For my first piece of artwork here I thought I’d go with an original piece. This is a traditional artwork, as you can tell by all the white spaces I left while coloring 😉 For some reason I still have trouble with that when I color, even though I’ve been working with traditional pieces for a long time. Anyway, I inked this with a Micron pen and and used colored pencils to draw this. I don’t think I had much of a mind process on what the picture was going to look like – I just wanted to draw something that was emotional and I knew I wanted one of the eyes to be covered with something. Also, I do realize the lighting isn’t really right, as there should be a light source behind her from the window. I actually didn’t come up with the idea for the background until after I finished coloring the girl so that’s why. I like to think there’s some kind of lamp or something right behind her though, which is why she’s being lighted from the front. Well, overall, I’m mostly happy with how this picture turned out and I’m glad I got to show it here.