Charlotte In Autumn


Charlotte’s back! And looking much closer to how I originally imagined her, I might add. She doesn’t have a finalized design or anything yet, so I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I want her to look. I did give her a last name, though. Now she’s Charlotte Goldstein.

This picture is also memorable because I used watercolors for the background…and now you can see why I don’t usually use them. Because it ends up looking like that. Seriously, I’m even worse at filling up the space with them than I am with colored pencils. I hope I can get better at them but for now I’ll just have to bear with it.

The Girl Who Saved Hope

Madoka wp

This one turned out so nice! I’m really happy since I was struggling with it so much in the beginning. While I was linearting it, though, I decided to try and add more details to it than I normally do, and for some reason that actually made me able to focus on it more and take more time in actually making it look nice. And, honestly, Ultimate Madoka is just fun to draw in general. It’s one of the reasons I love her so much. As a side note, I just started school again, so my posts will probably become even more erratic than they already are. I won’t disappear though, don’t worry. 😉

Above Wonderland


This picture took so long, it’s not even funny. And the reason was those freaking cards. For some reason they’re seriously hard to draw. Ah well, at any rate, everything else turned out all right. This was always my favorite stage in the game. I think the music and artwork gave it such a nice atmosphere.

The clouds are from a GIMP brush set from DeviantArt, although I totally forgot who they belong to. I’m such an idiot. You’ll probably find them if you just look up GIMP cloud brushes though.

Fighting for Justice


This is an older picture that I made. There’s not much to say about it, although I remember thinking that it’s pretty easy to draw backgrounds for Madoka artwork. No matter how it looks you can just say they’re in a witch labyrinth. For the record the background here is supposed to a bunch of stained glass windows. Yeah… didn’t really work out. Oh well, it doesn’t look awful, at least. And I always liked how Mami’s eyes came out.

Kokoro, the Expressive Poker Face


Well, this didn’t turn out anything like I imagined, haha. The colors look a lot better in real life, I swear. For some reason my scanner wouldn’t pick it up right. Anyway, here’s Kokoro from Touhou Project. I should probably mention that Touhou is my favorite video game series and work of fiction in general, so I wanted my first fanart picture to be of it. Kokoro is one my favorite characters as well (she’s so pretty!) Unfortunately, this picture didn’t come out very well 😦 It still captures the emotion (or lack thereof) that I wanted it to have though, so I guess that’s a plus.