So…yeah. I’m closing this blog. Which isn’t too surprising, given that I haven’t posted here all year. Here’s the deal. I’ve always had two passions, writing and art. This year, I got serious about becoming an author, which meant writing is such a priority I’m no longer making artwork on a consistent enough basis to post. Add to the fact that this school year was stupidly hectic, and I just can’t keep up with the blog anymore. I do feel bad about it, but I also know that I’m making room for my dreams. I’m planning on making an author website or blog for myself, and when that happens I’ll probably be posting art on there as well. Whenever I get that set up, I’ll post the link here if you want to find me. Until then, take care and God bless! Thanks for all your time even coming here, it meant a lot to me. 😉


The Lonely Little Rose


(Note: the raindrops were made with a brush from here)

Here’s my Christmas present to you all- two pictures on the same day! I hope you’re happy.  I’m pretty happy with this one, although I think the water droplets could use some work. But it was certainly fun to draw the cutest/creepiest little girl in Umineko (surprisingly she’s not the only one). Merry Belated Christmas to everyone!