Rain and Rose

Rain and Rose

For my first piece of artwork here I thought I’d go with an original piece. This is a traditional artwork, as you can tell by all the white spaces I left while coloring 😉 For some reason I still have trouble with that when I color, even though I’ve been working with traditional pieces for a long time. Anyway, I inked this with a Micron pen and and used colored pencils to draw this. I don’t think I had much of a mind process on what the picture was going to look like – I just wanted to draw something that was emotional and I knew I wanted one of the eyes to be covered with something. Also, I do realize the lighting isn’t really right, as there should be a light source behind her from the window. I actually didn’t come up with the idea for the background until after I finished coloring the girl so that’s why. I like to think there’s some kind of lamp or something right behind her though, which is why she’s being lighted from the front. Well, overall, I’m mostly happy with how this picture turned out and I’m glad I got to show it here.



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