A Game For Your Soul


Happy Halloween! Enjoy a picture based on the only scary movie I can stand to watch 😉 Still continuing my trend of really weirdly colored backgrounds, apparently.


October the Fourth

October 4 wp

Happy Umineko Day! Actually, IDK if this is really a thing but if it isn’t it should be. (Also, sorry I still can’t draw Beatrice)

In case you can’t see, Beatrice is holding a black queen piece and Battler is holding a white king. Symbolic and stuff.



Dark Theater

Dark Theater

So, it’s been a while since I posted here. Honestly, I’m pretty annoyed that I didn’t get to draw more over the summer. And now I’m back in school so I’ll get even less time, ugh. This is actually an older picture, which I wasn’t planning on uploading, but I was so irritated about not doing anything that I decided to put it up anyway. Please bear with me while I get my life together ~

Song of Tianyi


[Can’t think of a good title ><] I’ve been going through a Vocaloid phase recently, so here’s the fruit of that. Tianyi has always been one of my favorites. I have to admit though, Vocaloids are all really hard to draw. They’re so detailed, even if they don’t look like it at first glance. This picture is also kind of special because I drew it at a much larger size than normal, hence why it looks so much cleaner.